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Overview of Application of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Drives in Hot Air Furnaces

Overview of Application of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Drives in Hot Air Furnaces

        Hot air furnace valve transmission methods are common manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic transmission and other four. The application of manual and electric actuators is described in each chapter of the book. Only the application of pneumatic and hydraulic transmissions is reviewed here.

Cylinder transmission has been used less in the past and is now being used. Due to the shortage of compressed air supply at the domestic plants and the long distance between pipelines, the pressure loss during use is relatively large, and therefore it is not used much. Japan uses more cylinder drive. Domestic standard cylinder drive mechanism. Its transmission cylinder structure is compact and versatile. Various diameter cylinders have been available for standard series products. The foreign Leimen machine manufacturer uses the cylinder drive gate valve, which is a kind of standard cylinder transmission mechanism abroad. It is a structure that pushes the rack reciprocatingly through the cylinder piston and drives the gear to drive the rotation of the steel rope reel. This transmission mechanism is compact and versatile.

Hydraulic transmission has been widely used in the domestic modern hot blast stove valve, commonly used hot air valve hydraulic transmission, gate valve hydraulic transmission. The common structural form of hydraulic transmission is the hydraulic cylinder direct transmission steel rope, through the opening and closing of the guide pulley transmission valve plate. If the moving pulley is used to drive, the transmission ratio of the wire rope stroke can be increased, and the effect of using a hydraulic cylinder with a smaller stroke to open and close a valve plate with a longer stroke can be obtained. There are also hydraulic cylinder drive racks. The rack shakes the pinion gear, and the pinion gear is reciprocated by a pair of rack and pinion mounted on the valve plate through the connecting shaft drive, so as to open and close the valve plate. In addition, the structure of the double-cylinder direct-drive valve plate is opened and closed.

The working pressure of the hydraulic system is usually 50 kgf/cm. The flow rate of the system should be chosen to be greater than the sum of fuel consumption of each valve cylinder when the valves of the hot blast stove complete the automatic exchange in 5 minutes. The specifications of each valve should be selected according to the time requirements for the sequence of operations. The hydraulic systems of the four hot blast stove valves generally use four identical hydraulic stations, each individually controlling the valves of a hot blast stove. The hydraulic station is composed of an oil pump, main tank, accumulator, filter, safety device, fuel tank heating and cooling device, etc.

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