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It is entirely possible for engineering plastics to build cars. The era of plasticity is not far away.

Local car prices try to use plastic windows

This year's Beijing Auto Show, Great Wall Motors (601633, stocks) exhibited the concept of the Haval E, the biggest feature is that the seven window components are made of Bayer Mould clone polycarbonate, and equipped with a large panoramic sunroof. This is the first time that Chinese domestic automakers have applied polycarbonate windows so widely.

Coincidentally. In April last year, Chery and Bayer joined hands to create a joint laboratory for light weight cars. Among them, polycarbonate plastic window materials are also one of its R&D priorities.

What is polycarbonate? At the Forum on Chemicals and Public Awareness recently held in Tianjin, Xiao Feng told reporters Copco: Polycarbonate is a very good engineering plastic with excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, and light transmittance. More than 90% advantage.

The earliest application of polycarbonate windows began in 1998 with the application of the Smart side window. With the development of the market and technology, the application of polycarbonate windows from Smart models has been successfully applied to many other brands and models. The application of polycarbonate windows has also grown from fixed side windows to automotive ones. There are other applications such as panoramic sunroof, rear gear, and dark glassy accessories on the body.

It is understood that the transparent panoramic roof of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport convertible super deluxe coupe is made of polycarbonate material and its thickness is only 5 mm. The maximum speed of this sports car can reach 407 kilometers. It is the fastest super sports car currently allowed on the road. Polycarbonate panoramic sunroof thus also became the fastest product in its class so far.

Bayer MaterialScience's polycarbonate business unit expects that future trends in automotive engineering design will focus on developing transparent bodies or roofs. For example, the car roof will be the object of design, focusing on the large three-dimensional panoramic sunroof and the relevant three-dimensional design of the roof and tail area.

Plastic windows are 50% lighter than glass windows

This has caused many people to “open their eyes” while also pinching their sweat. Is it safe to use polycarbonate plastic instead of inorganic glass windows? Xiao Feng gave a positive answer.

In his opinion, polycarbonate plastic windows have unparalleled impact resistance compared to inorganic glass windows and it is difficult to break them into pieces. This feature gives polycarbonate windows a good level of safety. On the one hand, polycarbonate windows can prevent bad molecules from breaking the windows and stealing money from the car. On the other hand, polycarbonate windows will not be broken into pieces in accidents, so as to avoid damage to passengers caused by splintered debris. In addition, foreign companies have also done tests. Polycarbonate plastics are used as glass, and sound insulation and heat insulation are far superior to traditional glass.

More importantly, the use of polycarbonate instead of traditional glass can reduce weight by 30% to 50%. According to the data provided by Great Wall Motor, the Haval E concept car uses polycarbonate windows to reduce the weight of the vehicle. With 10% weight, you can save 7%-8% of fuel consumption. This is undoubtedly a great boon for the lightweight development of automobiles as a global development trend. At the same time, the reduction in weight can lower the car's center of gravity and improve driving performance.

In addition, the design freedom and functional inheritance of polycarbonate materials are much greater than those of conventional glass. Bayer designed hatchback rear door panel concept is a good interpretation of the freedom of design and functional integration of polycarbonate windows. This hatch back door panel is a machined part. It integrates functions such as door, rear window, spoiler, high brake light mask, tail light mask, turn signal mask, brake light mask, and license plate groove. “Existing metal and glass materials cannot form such a product,” said Xiao Feng.

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