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How did the Pe-rt warm pipes come? What kind of development?

That is, high-temperature polyethylene as raw materials, developed a special heating pipe, is a hot water can be used in the non-cross-linked polyethylene pipe, but also highlighted the characteristics of its cross-linking, called it "high temperature non-crosslinked polyethylene tube."

This tube raw material namely PE-RT, is one kind uses the special molecular design and the synthesis craft production one kind of medium density polyethylene, it uses the ethylene and the symplectic copolymerization method, through controls the side chain the quantity and the distribution obtains the unique molecular structure, enhances the PE tube the heat resistance. Because of the existence of the short branched chain of the polymer can not be crystallized in a flake crystal, but through a number of crystals, forming a link between the crystals, it retains the PE tube of good flexibility, high heat conductivity and inertia, while making the pressure of better.

The PE-RT material not only has the qualified creep breaking curve, and its pipe price moderate, construction relative to other varieties convenient, fast, the form of connection belong to the current stage of the most reliable standard fusion hot-melt connection form, pipe parts of the aperture is greater than the same size pipe diameter, in the system because there is no local reduction of mechanical connection mode, Therefore, the system fluid resistance is relatively small.

With the development of plastic technology, the indoor heating system can provide a variety of plastic tubing for different purposes. Because the plastic pipe has the inner wall smooth, the heat medium flow resistance is small, the acid alkali, the service life is long, installs conveniently and so on the advantage. In recent years by the extensive application of the warm system, pe-rt as a new generation of heating pipe is gradually becoming the mainstream of the market of warm products.

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