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Food and medical related engineering plastics development concerned

Satisfying the safety of medical devices and food-contact related products has always been one of the hot markets for engineering plastics.

    PolyOne announced at CHINAPLAS 2013 that studies have shown that Geon HC 8200 series rigid molding materials have superior performance for strong disinfectants compared to medical device housing materials such as ABS, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, and PC/PET composites. More excellent chemical resistance. Medical devices such as infusion pumps, blood pressure monitors, defibrillators, ventilators, and medical bar code scanners use hard polymer protective covers. In order to prevent nosocomial infections, these devices are being cleaned more frequently using powerful disinfectants. Geon HC 8200 series material is a high-flow, high-impact solution developed for these problems. In addition to its enhanced chemical resistance, this material also provides medical device housings with outstanding appearance, fire and UV protection. This product is fully RoHS compliant and has passed UL V0 and 5VA flame rating certification.

    In addition, Bayer MaterialScience will exhibit a small mechanical syringe pump at K 2013 that fits comfortably into the top pocket of the patient's clothes and thus helps the patient to inject the required medication with a high degree of precision. This can give the patient better mobility and safety. This entire mechanical syringe pump has not yet been finally certified, but it is indeed a very good example of the possibility of implementing a mobile medical system. The high-performance polycarbonate Makrolon Rx from Bayer MaterialScience is the ideal material for the manufacture of all the components of this instrument housing. The excellent transparency of the PC allows the patient to check the status of the drug injection at any time. As this pump is used for daily use, it also has very high requirements for impact resistance, which is one of the advantages of PC materials. At the same time, this material also has excellent resistance to high-energy corrosion and broad-spectrum drug resistance.

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