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Edible Water Soluble Film Available Target Application Food Service

Monosolv LLC, a manufacturer of water-soluble films, claims that it has produced an edible packaging film that can be consumed with the food it holds.

    MonoSol claims that its Vivos edible delivery system material can be bagged and will dissolve and release its contents when exposed to hot and cold liquids. The advantages are better convenience and sustainability, because the package does not need to be discarded as garbage. This package also allows consumers to consume a fixed amount of food or beverage content to achieve component control.

    According to the company's headquarters in Merrillville, Indiana, USA, its target applications include food producers and catering kitchens that can be used to package fruit juice powders, energy supplements, instant tea, gravy and soup, pasta and other products.

    MonoSol stated that this patent-pending film uses proprietary technology to mix a variety of food-grade ingredients. The company claims that this is a transparent film and there is no taste or smell. It can play a very good oxygen barrier and can use a variety of processing techniques.

    EarSol earlier this year was acquired by Kuraray Co. Ltd., a polyvinyl alcohol producer based in Tokyo, Japan.

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