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1. zytel®/minlon® Nylon Resin

Nylon was invented by DuPont's Wallace Hume Carothers in 1934-1935 and was put into commercial use in 1938.

Advantages: Strong strength, impact resistance, friction resistance, and resistance to a variety of chemical solvents, with self-lubricating, high melting point (about 215~225℃);

Disadvantage: Easy to absorb water, light resistance is poor, not acid and alkali.

Modification direction: Heat stability, nucleation promotion, light stability, hydrolysis resistance, toughening, flame retardant, increasing lubricity, increasing rigidity (fiberglass, mineral, Kevlar fiber)

DuPont as the leader in the nylon industry, many of its products have unique performance and characteristics, such as:

grz--has outstanding rigidity and strength;

minlon®--the perfect combination of rigidity and toughness, with excellent dimensional stability;

High productivity--can be quickly formed, good fluidity;

zytel®pa612--outstanding dimensional stability and chemical resistance;

zytel®st--excellent toughness;

zytel®htn--Superior heat resistance, water absorption is small;

2. delrin® Pom Resin Delrin®acetal was invented by DuPont in the late 50 's. Pom is divided into two kinds of formaldehyde and pom.

DuPont Pom is all pom. Advantages: No need to enhance, born with very high rigidity, in a wide range of temperature with high toughness; High temperature range, good fatigue resistance, good creep resistance, good dimensional stability, low water absorption rate, good chemical resistance and fuel resistance, small friction coefficient, FDA approval, UV grade resistance, excellent stain resistance, low abrasion


3. CRASTIN®PBT Crastin® is a registered trademark of the thermoplastic saturated polyester PBT products produced by DuPont Corporation.

DuPont acquired the PBT business of Ciba Geigy in 1993 and further expanded its PBT production.

Advantages: Strength, rigidity, creep resistance, electrical properties, low hygroscopicity, small thermal expansion coefficient, easy to achieve flame-retardant modification, good chemical resistance, high surface gloss.

Disadvantages: Long-term use in >70℃ water, acid and alcohol chemicals, notch sensitivity.

Modification method: Impact modification, flame retardant, amorphous polymer;

4. Rynite®pet Rynite®pet is a registered trademark of the thermoplastic saturated polyester material produced by DuPont Corporation.

Rynite®pet can provide grades of fiberglass/mineral modification.

Advantages: rigidity, impact strength, dimensional stability at high temperature, color stability at elevated temperature (155/200℃), resistance to UV property, resistance to creep, flame retardant, electrical insulation, outstanding surface gloss, easy coloring;

Disadvantage: Long-term water use temperature <50℃, acid resistance, no food contact license. Modification direction: Impact modification, flame retardant, color stability, enhancement;

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