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Domestic non-toxic plasticizer reaches international advanced level

Recently, Shandong Wantu's "WT98 non-toxic high-stable plasticizer green manufacturing technology and application" technical appraisal meeting organized by the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology was held in Wendeng City, Shandong Province. The appraisal committee believes that this series of products has effectively solved the defects of large volatility, intolerance to migration, bitterness and bitterness of the original plasticizer products, and the overall technology ranks first in the world.

        Experts stated that the WT series of environmentally friendly and safe plasticizers produced by Shandong Wantu Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. realized that plasticizer raw materials can be extracted from agricultural plants, effectively alleviating the pressure of non-renewable energy, and can be widely used in foods. Graded hoses, cling film, medical infusion bags, blood transfusion bags, medical gloves, children's toys, artificial leather, wire and cable, home improvement materials, precision instrument lubrication and other fields have filled the international gap.

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