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Compression molded plastic parts performance beyond steel

The production of plastic parts greater than steel strength is the Globalpolymer company (located in the United States South Dakota State Madison) has the expertise, the company with a difficult problem to provide innovative solutions for the famous, using their own developed a special compression molding process in ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (

UHMW-PE) embedded in steel and other metallic materials. The company was founded in 1995, the factory area of 75,000 square feet, with its unique mold and technology to serve domestic and international customers.

It is said that a growing number of manufacturers are using this almost indestructible steel-reinforced component, including John Deere, Saifrand, the Love Group, Luxme and Salcoproducts. Keithparta, a new product manager for Salcoproducts, a train parts maker, said the lightweight, weather-resistant plastic is ideal for the rail industry, so far the rails are made of metal. "We are also trying to introduce more materials into the rail industry, which can provide higher performance than metal, carbon fiber or stainless steel."

"Parta said. Salco wants to create a new kind of blind plate--essentially a cap for the end of a pipe--used in tankers. This component is required to withstand high pressure, corrosion resistance and rough handling.

Globalpolymer the steel-embedded uhmw-pe to make the cap.

Barta said that metal is the key, so that the plastic is not deformed in the case to maintain the shape, compared to all-metal components, provides a very high corrosion resistance and weight reduction effect. Globalpolymer said, the cost is also proved to be feasible.

The company's technology by the industry known as the net molding, means that the parts in the shape after the mold is almost perfect, almost no trimming, saving production time. The technology is just luxmeinternational for its customers.

By innovating the use of UHMW-PE components in a transport system in the Food processing field, LUXME can be a blow to its imitators. "We're looking for a company to commercialize this particular design," said LUXME president Navamjagan. " They are working with us, not only in the production of commercial components, but also in the development of new product lines made by Uhmw-pe. Using this application, we have entered into other areas because of the considerable demand.

The sliding shields on John Deere combine are now made by Uhmw-pe. Gobalpolymer customer John Deere is also a beneficiary of UHMW-PE, which uses the material for the production of parts of heavy agricultural equipment. "This is a very good material that is particularly suitable for applications that require sliding and abrasion."

John Deere Plastics and composites Department material engineer Gregmccunn said. The friction coefficient of this material is very low, which reduces the energy consumption of the machine running.

Agricultural machinery manufacturers found that the use of uhmw-pe on the shovel is just the opposite of steel, can save fuel, reduce noise, enhance wear resistance. Globalpolymer said the performance was exactly what John Deere needed to redesign a combine for sliding shields. The slide shield helps to ease the friction between the lowered portion of the combine harvester and the ground as it pierces the field. The slide shield was initially a level two component and now becomes a standard configuration. A typical combine is installed with up to 50 sliding shields. At the same time, the globalpolymer of UHMW injection molding process, the sliding protection plate production speed will be faster than competitors.

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