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Common Installation Errors and Countermeasures of Hard PVC Drain Pipe

1.2.1 under the drain of the trap

Some engineering staff that buckle bowl floor drain with water seal, can deodorant, so do not need to install the trap in the ground leakage, the result is often due to leakage of water can not meet the requirements of the depth of the required damage; , Debris blockage and the buckle bowl open, will make the smell of sewers into the room, affecting the indoor air quality. According to years of practical experience and relevant information to prove that the correct approach is to install the P-type trap under the floor drain, recently reported a new type of floor drain - static seal horizontal leakage performance is also very superior.

1.2.2 wash basin and wash basin under the trap

In the case of design drawings that are not clear, the construction and installation staff often mistakenly believe that the washbasins and sinks under the trap installed in the floor and the floor is one thing, it is not true. Washing basin and wash basin under the trap due to hair, debris and other debris, very easy to plug, if necessary, need to open the trap on the check hole clearance. If the trap installed in the bottom of the floor, clear pass when you must go to the house downstairs, the general family of the kitchen, the bathroom will ceiling, which is very inconvenient. The correct way is to install the S-shaped trap at the top of the floor (but not at the same time in series with two water trap), so that households in their own home at any time can easily clear pass.

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