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Chemical additives make plastic electronics easier to manufacture

The use of commonly used industrial chemical additives can effectively strengthen the control of the crystallization process in the manufacture of plastic electronic products. According to the researchers, the newly developed plastic electronic product preparation methods have broad application prospects in various fields and may completely change the manufacturing methods of plastic electronic products.

The processing of many plastic products involves the "crystallization" process. The so-called crystallization refers to the arrangement of the molecules in a certain order during the molding process, which affects the transparency and flexibility of the plastic products. Usually in the production of transparent plastic containers, such as plastic lunch boxes, people will use chemical additives to control the crystallization process, but in the manufacture of plastic electronic devices, there is no precedent for the use of chemical additives.

A team of researchers from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Switzerland recently published a paper in the journal Nature Science that their new research shows that chemical additives can also be used in the manufacture of plastic electronic products. In this study, researchers used two commonly used industrial additives, Irgaclear® XT 386 and Millad® 3988, to enhance the control of crystallization during the preparation of plastic electronic devices. They found that the use of these additives not only accelerated the crystallization process but also made it easier to control the crystallization. Unlike the use of high temperatures to accelerate the crystallization process, the use of chemical additives eliminates the need for high-temperature catalysis, thereby avoiding the disadvantage of high material quality degradation.

In addition, the use of chemical additives has another advantage, which will greatly improve the consistency of the crystal, thus ensuring the uniformity of the overall crystal distribution of the plastic device. This means that circuit manufacturing in plastic electronics will become faster and easier, and can be printed like a newspaper, which was previously difficult to achieve.

The researchers said that this new discovery can be used in many fields, such as the construction of protein crystal models in the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacture of solar cells in the energy industry, and the processing of flexible circuits in the electronic information industry.

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