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Bellows corrosion failure reasons

From nearly twenty years of corrugated pipe heating pipe network in the application of practice point of view, the corrugated pipe corrosion failure and the internal transport medium and the external environmental conditions are related. Corrosion of the external environment is the main cause of the failure of the bellows when the internal media meets the standard requirements.

After the installation of the overhead pipe network, the pipe is usually covered with a bellows expansion joint and covered in a sealed outer jacket. When the outer jacket is not sealed well, the corrosive medium in the atmosphere, acid rain, coastal salt spray, etc. Will cause corrosion of the bellows. However, there have been no reports of corrosive failure of overhead lines so far.

Ditch laying is the most common city central heating laying. Ideal trench environment is suitable for corrugated pipe work. In the presence of sewage, salty-alkaline groundwater, snowmelt water, or other corrosive media in local ditches, bellows made of 300-series stainless steel tend to fail in corrosion over one or more heating cycles. Buried Pipe Network Bellows Expansion Joints As the pipeline buried in the ground, expansion joints and pipe joints is difficult to achieve the ideal sealing connection, so the most common failure of buried pipe bellow is due to external corrosion caused by medium.

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