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Anti-mildew agent for plastic film and synthetic rubber Article Link: Plastic online

Plastic film and synthetic rubber with mildew inhibitor, plastic and synthetic rubber itself, its ability to resist the decay of microorganisms, but due to the need to add plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants and other additives, especially plasticizers, have become a variety of microbial nutrition sources, it must also be added to the mildew agent. Some fungi, bacteria and line fungi can lead to plastic, synthetic rubber and other polymer materials deterioration. If they can make the plastic surface discoloration and produce a spot-like deterioration, even a thin hole, such as: they will be insulating materials and cables of styrene-butadiene rubber and other synthetic rubber appear fine holes, which will reduce insulation performance caused by leakage, in addition, because electrostatic will make the dust in the air attached to the high material surface, This can also become a source of nutrients for microorganisms.

Therefore, the plastic, synthetic rubber and other high points in the material to add mildew inhibitor or to the surface of the mold treatment.

Plastic and other polymer materials in addition to the mildew inhibitor is essential to high efficiency, colorless, non-toxic, no impact on the environment and high performance characteristics, but also should not be high in plastic and other material physical properties have an impact. At present, widely used in plastic additive treatment of mildew inhibitor has plastic mildew agent kp-m110 and mildew inhibitor kp-m100.

The mildew inhibitor used for plastic surface treatment has mildew spray kp-m005 and mildew spray kp-m002.

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