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Communication Light (electrical) Casing PVC Cable Protection Pipe

Communication Light (electrical) Casing PVC Cable Protection Pipe

communication light (electrical) casing PVC cable protection pipe;Brand Name:EO,Place of Origin:China (Mainland),Long:customer's request.

Product Details
Quick Details
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:


Model Number:PVC cable protection pipe
Material:Rigid polyvinyl chloride
Product Name:cable protection pipe
Long:customer's request
Application:Communication pipeline
Feature:Corrosion Resistant
Sample:Existing Sample
installation:convenient installation
cost:lower project investment


specification(OD)mmwall ti ckiness(mm)length(mm)
6m or 5.8m to fit on container,oras per request

PVC cable protection pipe:

PVC cable protection pipe with PVC resin as the main raw material, add various kinds of stabilizer and all kinds of rigid PVC pipe, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, light weight, low engineering cost, long service life, etc.

PVC cable protection pipe the introduction of German technology, using the special structure of the hollow ring, forming the reasonable mechanics principle, make the pipe has a strong ring stiffness and high toughness, buried deformation, installation convenient and rapid, interface o-ring seal tightly waterproof performance is good, is suitable for the construction of communication pipeline construction.


Technical indicators


There is no bubble in the wall of the pipe, and there is no discoloration line, no impurities


Colour and lustre is uniform

Drop weight impact test (TIR20 ℃):

By 9/10

Flat test:

Without break

Ring stiffness (KN / ㎡):


Advantage of Extrusion PVC Pipe

1.Strong compression and insulation.


3.Flame-retardant performance is good.

4.Construction is simple.

5.Save investment.

6.Compared with the pipe using PVC-tubes can greatly reduce the material costs and construction and installation.

Except that above size ,we could make new mould and produce new style to meet with client requirement according to client drawing and sample .

If you open the mold, we will provide samples according to your needs.

Company's main products:

1、Cable protection pipe series: PE carbon spiral pipe, steel plastic composite pipe, glass steel, PVC, PE, MPP tubing;

2、Composite well cover series: composite manhole cover, rainwater perforation, tree board, plant grass, etc.

3、Communication pipe series: HDPE seven hole plum-tube, HDPE, PVC double wall corrugated pipe, PE cable tube, PE silicon core tube, top pipe, PE solid wall pipe;

4、Water pipe series: PE water pipe, agricultural water-saving drip irrigation pipe, etc.


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